I am an assistant professor in environmental geography and development studies at the Department of Geography, Planning and International Development Studies, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, University of Amsterdam (UvA). I am also teaching at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, at the UvA Faculty of Science.

My research and teaching  focus on forging links across disciplinary divides—mostly in the areas of political ecology, inclusive development, post-development, degrowth and systems science.

I have also been involved in establishing the Dutch degrowth plaform Ontgroei and leading an action research and social justice programme with practitioners in Bangladesh.

We are looking for 3(!) NEw colleagues! Geography, Planning and/Or international Development studies.

In Nederland zijn er al een tal organisaties die zich identificeren met de ideeën van Ontgroei. Daarom heeft dit Ontgroei platform een mand terug een evenement georganiseerd om deze organisaties met elkaar in contact te brengen.

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Please join and share our ‘Post-growth perspectives on biodiversity conservation' pre-conference event 23-24 August 2021 [Part of 8th Int’ #Degrowth conference in The Hague]. Submissions open till 23 April @ontgroei_nl @degrowth_info @R_Degrowth @chikikothari @ProfJeroenBergh

Let’s stop worrying about the possible negative connotation of the term #degrowth and focus on spreading the message: re-labelling it probably won’t make much of a difference, research tells us.

Millionaires rebel against primitive accumulation of their golf club. Good for them! 😂

Is there a cure? Another case suffering from the Lacanian 'fantasy' of decoupling: "it is theoretically possible to have limitless economic growth on a finite planet. What is needed is to turn theory into actuality by decoupling." @anthfletch

Professor Julien Francois Gerber from the @issnl explains the outlandish premises of the #capitalist system and how we can build a better society without the need of economic growth.

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Ontgroeien voor een klimaatvriendelijke en rechtvaardige wereld 🌏#klimaatalarm2021

🌱 Benieuwd wat "degrowth" is? Hoe werken we samen naar een nieuwe economie met nieuwe waarden en doelen? Meld je aan voor ons event op 26 maart!

#Klimaatalarm #degrowth

Oh no, I just found out that my pension fund has at least 17,4 billion euros invested in fossil energy… @sciforfuture_NL

Good news from the 8th International #Degrowth Conference for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity "Caring Communities for Radical Change".

The deadline for contributions has been extended until April, 6th!


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