I am an assistant professor in environmental geography and development studies at the Department of Geography, Planning and International Development Studies, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, University of Amsterdam (UvA). I am also teaching at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, at the UvA Faculty of Science.

My research and teaching  focus on forging links across disciplinary divides—mostly in the areas of political ecology, inclusive development, post-development, degrowth and systems science.

I have also been involved in establishing the Dutch degrowth plaform Ontgroei and leading an action research and social justice programme with practitioners in Bangladesh.

There is no elephant in the room! Economic growth is simply a much stronger driver of resource consumption than population growth. Here's my simple back-of-the-envelope calculation: @ontgroei_nl

“We not only have problems, but are problems” Wendell Berry

I'm putting together a repertory of growth-critical academic theses (bachelor, masters, and PhD) in English and French. I've got 90 so far.

@R_Degrowth; @degrowth_info; @degrowUS; @degrowthUK; @degrowth; @CUSP_uk;

If you've written one, please send me a link.

3 billion people cannot afford a healthy diet, even if they spend most of their income on food

Talking to my polish father-in-law about his flower business, and their everyday grow-or-die struggles: there’s no greed involved, only a systemic growth imperative.

We have a new article out with Tilman Hartley, on how different civilizations dealt with compound interest and unpayable debts in the absence of compound economic growth. Limited number of copies free to download at the link below (if over, email Tilman).

Registrations for the 8th International #Degrowth Conference "Caring Communities for Radical Change" are now open!

You can select an online or in-person ticket. The latter includes the online part of the conference as well.

Look forward to seeing you!

Degrowth besproken in de VK: "Is het feest: begin over krimp. Net zolang tot we met een positief gevoel staan te kwispelen bij de term." We doen ons best! @ontgroei_nl

“Inclusive is not an adjective, it transforms development: A post-growth interpretation of Inclusive Development” just got published! #degrowth @ontgroei_nl @R_Degrowth Highlights 👇

My eyes popped when I saw this. The European Environment Agency has acknowledged that green growth is "unlikely" and calls for post-growth and degrowth alternatives to be integrated into EU policy.

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