The true cost of industrial fishing in west Africa (John Vidal and Alex Rees)

Once a rich natural resource for countries like Senegal, Sierra Leone and Guinea, the sea-fishing areas of west Africa have fallen prey to the world’s largest and most modern fishing fleets. John Vidal (The Guardian) investigates a problem that has serious implications for regional prosperity. For more on the global fisheries problem, see Fishing beyond natural limits (Ocean2012) or The end of the line (Charles Clover) documentary.

News update: The new government of Senegal has cancelled the licences of 29 foreign fishing trawlers, demanding that they offload their catches in the capital Dakar before leaving the west African country’s territorial waters… It was not clear on Thursday how long the revoking of licences for foreign vessels in Senegalese waters would last. The move may not develop into a future ban, but it is understood the government is now reviewing its fishing policies (The Guardian, 04-05-2012). See also: Senegal’s fish for Senegal’s fishermen (Greenpeace).

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