Degrowth and Social Equality

How is economic growth entwined with the social, environmental and financial turmoil of the past few decades? How can we have a stable and prosperous economy that does not grow—let alone one that shrinks to a sustainable level relative to existing planetary boundaries?

The degrowth movement offers a radical critique and an alternative vision that draws from a range of unorthodox intellectual and philosophical traditions, including political ecology, ecological economics and post-development. It confronts us with our own biases concerning growth, limits, money, well-being and so on.

Degrowth and Social equality
In this first session the increasing marketization of our daily life will be critically evaluated, and the extent to which it stimulates social inequality.

Jordy Willems (UvA/Iss * Future Planet Studies)
Crelis Rammelt (UvA * Environmental geography and development)

Richard Engelfriet

UvA-IIS (Institute for interdisciplinary Studies), Studium Generale Saxion, Minor Algemene Ontwikkeling, Minor Liberal Arts & Sciences, Minor Conscious Business & minor Circulaire Economie

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