Towards a Degrowth Society: a panel with members of the Dutch Degrowth platform

The COVID-19 pandemic urges to develop a new economy – one that can do without incessant growth, one that generates human wellbeing without the destruction of our ecosystems. A panel of some of the members of Ontgroei (the Dutch Degrowth Platform was hosted by XR to discuss what a future without economic growth would look like. The recording can be found here, or below. Both movements are looking forwards to continuing the conversation.

Degrowth on Rebel Radio

Returning to work after a relaxing holiday, you make a resolution not to get caught up in the ratrace again. A week later you find yourself right back in. Why? Because the conditions haven’t changed. The corona crisis is a terrible ordeal, but it has also been a period of reflection. Let’s work to change the structures, institutions and rules, so that we do not return to a system that was environmentally destructive, socially unjust and generally terribly unstable. In these two interviews with XR’s rebel radio, Crelis Rammelt (Assistant Professor Environmental Geography and International Development Studies, UvA) and Julia Karch (student, UvA) reflect on the crisis from a degrowth perspective.