Limits to growth (Dennis Meadows)

Two talks by Dennis Meadows, one of the authors of “Limits to Growth”. Touches upon a vast number of important topics from resource depletion to overpopulation, and discusses the book “Limits to Growth – The 30-Year Update”. For similar conclusions see: Arithmetic, population and energy (Albert Bartlett).

A recent CSIRO study indicates that the ‘business as usual’ scenario from the 1971 “Limits to Growth” report has been accurate, despite what the critics have said. Their paper focuses on a comparison of recently collated historical data for 1970-2000 with scenarios presented in the Limits to Growth (see: Turner, G. (2008). A comparison of the limits to growth with thirty years of reality. Socio-Economics and the Environment in Discussion. CSIRO Working Paper Series, 9).

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