I am an assistant professor in environmental geography and development studies at the Department of Geography, Planning and International Development Studies, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, University of Amsterdam (UvA). I am also teaching at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, at the UvA Faculty of Science.

My research and teaching  focus on forging links across disciplinary divides—mostly in the areas of political ecology, inclusive development, post-development, degrowth and systems science.

I have also been involved in establishing the Dutch degrowth plaform Ontgroei and leading an action research and social justice programme with practitioners in Bangladesh.

How will cities look like in a #degrowth society where most of the world population lives in #urban areas?

We must see rest as a foundation for our freedom and liberation and not something that is frivolous and wasting our time. We must deeply get this. Feel this.

Economic growth reduces the carbon intensity of poverty reduction (CIPR), but only up to a point. Above a certain per capita income level, further growth increases the CIPR. In support of #degrowth claims:

❗️Online bijeenkomst, 26 Maart 2021❗️

Hoe ziet #Degrowth eruit in Nederland, en wat gebeurt er al in de praktijk? Ontgroei nodigt jullie uit om hier in de aanloop van de aankomende internationale Degrowth conferentie gezamenlijk over na te denken.

Call for the ‘#Postgrowth perspectives on #biodiversity conservation’ symposium.

It aims to exchange ideas on how we could develop a strong biodiversity conservation agenda that does not depend on, nor suffers from economic growth pressures.


The epic tale of a plastic spoon, from Big Bang to Bin Bag in just two minutes!

Have you written a Bachelor, Master, or PhD thesis about degrowth? If yes, please send me a link at, I am currently building a database. Thanks!

👉Check this call for participation in the Degrowth Conference “Caring Communities for Radical Change”. Unsure what 'degrowth' means? Read this contribution by @crelisr and his colleagues to our #COVID19 dossier, linking #degrowth to a post-pandemic world:


Open call for participation in the 8th International #Degrowth Conference is launched!

It is an invitation to co-create caring communities for radical change by building bridges between social movements, art, research and other practices.


De 8e ‘Internationale #Degrowth Conferentie’ in Den Haag biedt de mogelijkheid om met anderen te delen hoe we ons leven collectief kunnen veranderen.


Open call for participation in the 8th International Degrowth Conference in The Hague, co-organised by @ontgroei_nl

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