I am an assistant professor in environmental geography and development studies at the Department of Geography, Planning and International Development Studies, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, University of Amsterdam (UvA). I am also teaching at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, at the UvA Faculty of Science.

My research and teaching  focus on forging links across disciplinary divides—mostly in the areas of political ecology, inclusive development, post-development, degrowth and systems science.

I have also been involved in establishing the Dutch degrowth plaform Ontgroei and leading an action research and social justice programme with practitioners in Bangladesh.

“Yes, we as individuals should change our lifestyles as much as possible, but it is the utmost shortsightedness to believe that that is all, or even primarily, what we have to do” (Bookchin)

“Nu kunnen we gaan hopen dat toekomstige technologie onze levensstandaard mogelijk blijft maken, maar als we niet leren ontgroeien zullen we alsnog steeds opnieuw tegen een grens aanlopen” @ontgroei_nl

We are proud to publish our new report today. 'Building a Caring World Beyond Growth' is the result of a two-year exploration of feminist economics, planetary health, caring commons and post-growth thinking. And now you can read it:

Like watching a nature documentary, but on soil life. These microorganisms could save the world: #RegenerativeAgriculture

Great retrospective of the 8th #Degrowth Conference by @DanielB26332168 and @TNInstitute co-published by @ontgroei_nl

We launched our (almost finally published) research about a #CarefulDegrowth transformation during the Barcelona Fearless Cities event, with the help of the amazing Susan Paulson! Watch the VIDEO now:

Excellent piece by @DanielB26332168 and @TNInstitute on synergies and tensions between #degrowth and people's movements

In case you missed it:
"pursuit of touristic degrowth must go beyond merely eroding capitalism to ensure that alternatives thereby established also align with planetary boundaries by working to reduce material and energy throughput."
By @anthfletch et al

I’m looking forwards to discuss #degrowth with @kees_klomp_ @MelanieRieback @ROSecurity @dommerholtmvo at @De_Zwijger on 30 nov: @ontgroei_nl

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